There is no shortage of keycaps for mechanical keyboards out there on the market. But when it comes to the niche of botany the choices can get rather limited. GMK Botanical Keycap set is a popular choice when it comes to botanical keycaps for mechanical keyboards. There is also a cloned version of these keycaps by the name of DIYkeycap GMK Botanical Keycaps available on the market. In this article, we are going to tell you which one is better. Keep on reading to learn more.

Although every product has its qualities and deficiencies when it comes to usage, efficiency and the overall value, but this isn’t the case with GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone and the original version. The cloned version of GMK botanical keycaps is as efficient and user-friendly as the first one. When it comes to highlighting the basic advantages of the cloned version over the original, you might be amazed to see that the cloned version can easily overshadow the latter one. Here is a detailed comparison of both products.

GMK Botanical keycap

Clone GMK Botanical keycap

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GMK Botanical Keycap Clone is Cheaper  

Who wants to spend their hard-earned money on achieving the pleasure of typing using the original keycaps, when they can get the same level of performance from the GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone? It is light on the pocket and won’t disturb your budget. Because of GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone being cost-efficient, the original product selling company has also lowered their prices.

GMK Botanical Keycap Clone can be purchased as a group purchase

  There are a number of products that you can purchase as a group if you’d like to go for a GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone version. These products include the finest quality GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone, a RK61 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, a Gateron Switches puller, and a Gateron Switchen 3 pin multicolored pieces, to give you the ultimate typing experience.

GMK Botanical Keycap Clone gets delivered faster than the original

  No one likes to wait for the product that they have ordered online. I certainly don’t! The GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone makers know that and that is why they are offering some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. It is common knowledge that the original GMK Botanical Keycaps can take more than 12 months to get delivered to your home, but GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone will get delivered to your doorstep in less than one week. Now one week is nothing in front of all the months that you might have to wait if you ordered from the original seller.

Bottom line

Not every product is worth your hard earned money. Why buy an expensive product when you can enjoy and experience the same as original on a cloned version. GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone is packed with tranquility as it encompasses tropical ivy to jungle plants finely printed on the keys. You fill feel the difference yourself while using the GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone, that it is much better than the original version. It will fuel the creativity inside you and will provide a timeless aesthetic to your workstation, seamlessly integrating into your home or work environment. If you are still not satisfied as to why you should you buy a GMK Botanical Keycaps Clone version, read reviews on our products page and for any questions or product related queries, feel free to contact us. Happy Typing!

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